Prince George Just Arrived

Y’all, he is so stinkin cute! Very Chubby little guy. Can’t wait till I can reborn him. Just ADORABLE!!!


How are his limbs? Where did you order from? I can’t wait, I ordered from MacPhersons. Did you order a body for him or are you getting a custom?

Pics!!! Want to see limbs! :blush:

Yes pic’s please! Wasn’t aware that they had his kit out!

I got him from MacPherson. Did not get a body because I had some made several months ago. His limbs are chubby and oh so cute.

Here are a couple pics from a listing on ebay. This one is from Alexandra’s Babies. A-DOR-ABLE!

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Is this a prototype? How did they get a kit and reborn it so fast???

He is much more babylike than I thought he was going to be by looking at the kit. I thought he was going to look more like a toddler. But those limbs are definitely, baby!

The artist is in the UK so maybe they got them there first.

Oh well, that would explain it !

Wow! Very cute!!

He is just darling I love him! Is he available in the U.S. And from who?