Primary method?

Can someone explain what it is?? I’ve seen alot of posts but i have no idea what it is


I am in the process of using blue wash then red wash then yellow wash over and over until the required skin colour is achieved .

Live effects tutorials by Sue Ellen is on Facebook.


Also it means primary as in the 3 basic colors that can be combined to make all other colors . I only have red white yellow and blue air dry colours and I just mix to make all the other colors I need for lips veins etc


As Shosho explained, it is actually called “Primary Colors Method” :slight_smile:

I painted this doll with this primary color pallet. The only exceptions were an earth mint and burnt umber wash .(which I could have mixed myself if I was hard core primary but I’m not and didn’t) Somehow red yellow blue layered a few times creates a nice flesh tone . Go easy on yellow imo. It gets too yellow quick. I did these layers red, yellow, blue, red, blue, red, blue, burnt umber, earth mint. Her tone came out very healthy looking. She looks either darker Caucasian or fair Latino in any case like a healthy chub with blood in her veins! :nerd_face:


You’ll find a lot of info if you do a search on “primary method”. Here’s a tutorial on it:


Here’s the full search results: