Primary color over coat question

Hi! I m trying to paint the primary color method for the first time on my Aspen kit. I usually do flesh coat colors. I really like the different undertones with the primary method. My question is how do you end with the overcoat colors? Do you use flesh coats at some point to dilute the primary or do you do primary until the end? I use air dry paints. I still have to add blushing and creases.


The primary method uses Blue, Yellow and Red. Just a repeat of those layers in any order you choose. For instance, if I use blue first, then yellow, then red, I would next use blue, then yellow, then red. There may be some point when you can add blushing, etc. I am not positive about that. I believe all I did was the 3 colors. Mine ended up darker than I had wanted, but still fine. I am not a person who likes to do the same thing over and over, so it became monotonous for me. It took a ton of layers (it seemed to me). Now for some, they really enjoy it. I am in no way trying to discourage anyone. It seems to be a very popular way to paint the dolls. I think it is an excellent way. It is just me that likes more “excitement”. :slight_smile: But, as reborning is pretty much up to the reborner, as far as I can understand, I would think you could add blushing or whatever toward the end to get it like you want it. I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules in this hobby.

I do primary all the way to the end. ( I always start with flesh just to get a feel for the paint again. )

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Yes, I m doing those 3 colors in order but darker shades or thinner layers of the red, blue, and yellow. Thanks!

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Ok thank you! I ll keep going with it then.

i do primary method and I do a flesh wash or 2 at the end and when I seal the baby I add a drop of the flesh tone to the STV, sometimes, depending on the color of the baby.

This is also good to know. Thanks for sharing.

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Great! Thanks for the tip.

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You could use burnt umber or a yellow ochre

Hi just asking I also use air dry paints rebornX ready mixed colours like flesh 2 flesh 3 4 5 6 . Also there biracial colour or burn amber. I also want to practice the primary method in airdry paints. The colour on your baby looks good but the very red. Did you have a problem with the paint will more layers solve that. Thanks you

The hands

I put the blushing on the hands, it s not that bad in person its just my phone camera and lighting is terrible. I will tone it down with green wash and other layers no worries, I usually do with flesh coats too.

Wonderful thanks for share this info I need to paint today. Enjoy