Pricing opinions

Hey ladies.
So I have my newest baby Addie set at 300$ and people keep begging for a lower price. I don’t want to sell her lower.

But am I asking too much?


Nope! Keep your price firm. Buyers do that alot trying to get a lower price. She’s adorable!


Absolutely not! That’s a deal in my opiniom!

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No way. She’s worth it and it’s Christmas time so someone will buy her

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Thanks ladies :womens:

I thought about pricing her higher. But since she is bald I don’t know if I should. I mean she took a lot less work than my rooted babies

Her price is fair. People will always beg… They are trying to make it your problem that they spent too much.

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She’s very cute and I think she is worth that but I wouldn’t raise it since she is a “baldie”.

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Right. That’s what I was thinking. Normally I root then. But I couldn’t bring myself to cover her little head. Lol

She’s absolutely worth what you’re asking. Don’t lower the price. Someone will fall in love with her and think they got a good deal.

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NO. $300 is not much, but you can always put it up to $350 with “make an offer” at $300. I often put high price with offer of what I would be happy with, but people buy at the higher price, without making an offer.

But some people need to feel they got better deal.

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