I just ordered my first reborn, and I’m anxiously awaiting her arrival. This forum is really making me want to learn to reborn myself. Does anybody know about how much it costs to begin?

The easy way to get supplies would be to buy a starter supply kit from BB. Theyre $130. Then you’ll need to buy the kit (anywhere from $17-$70 if you choose a kit from BB) and body ($10-$20). If you use heat set, you’ll need an oven, which you can get for $40-$50 if you get an off-brand NuWave. Of course, you’ll be able to use quite a bit of the supplies from the starter kit on your next babies, and the oven is a one time purchase. You may be able to get the supplies cheaper if you purchase just the essentials individually, but with the starter kit you should have everything you need to start. You’ll probably want to add other colors later. It’s an expensive hobby, especially when you’re starting out, but it’s soooo fun, and you’ll be hooked! Good luck!

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Lol all the money I sent in a year I could have had a silicone baby. :frowning:


Prices will vary depending on what you want to paint with.

Bountiful baby has starter kits with everything in it (except a kit,body, eyes, plugs, rings) for Genesis heat set paints for $129.95

You will also need an oven to bake them in.
Nuwave is mostly used and normally about $100

Macphersons sell reborn FX air dry paint sets (without the kit, body, eyes, plugs, rings) around $110-$175

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I would definitely recommend that you purchase one of Bountiful baby’s starter kits.
I think they are around $130
Everything you need and even has a dvd for where to begin


I began with a kit, glass beads and a body on BB, and some acrylic craft paint, brush and makeup sponges from dollar store. Less then 100$. I also practice on some cheap dolls. When I improve my skills and decide I definitely like it, I bought some high grade acrylic paint, medium, better brushes, etc.
I really don’t like the idea of baking anything (fumes, waiting. …).

Don’t use craft paint, it is not made for reborning and will wipe off. If you want to get into this hobby realize that it is not cheap!! It is very expensive but also very rewarding. If money is going to be an issue you may be better off just buying a ready made baby. The reason I say this is because once you get started you will become addicted like the rest of us and boy o’ boy, the kits just start stacking up as quick as you can buy them!! It’s sooooo fun!! The end result of reborning is being able to sell a really well made baby. Don’t cheap out on materials, use what is good quality and acceptable by all customers. This way you will always have happy customers!! Good Luck!!

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I thought that the price sounded reasonable, considering I just spent $500 on a custom. :see_no_evil:

I just think it’s just less expensive for learning. It’s give really good result, as I have done some for my 3 years old daughter a year ago and it’s still in good condition after a lot of play. Craft paint have a bad reputation for no reason I think, as it’s made for stick on various surfaces, including vinyl.
Now I use artist grade paint such Rebornfx and Liquitex, as I like the colors better.

But before invest a lot of $$, it’s a good way to know if reborning is for you or not !

I have to agree with bellybutton that if you have any doubts about your time (hours!), desire or ability, start slow. There is nothing wrong in doing any kind of reborning as long as you are honest! Yes, reborning a thrift store doll with craft paints isn’t going to be quite the same but it does give you an idea of whether you prefer air dry. Plus you have a playdoll for a kid…or yourself. Just don’t try to sell it as a LE kit or stuff it full of trash. Artist quality paints are much better though.

The big thing is to relax and have fun! See reborning as a money hole. Almost all of us spend more than we make. Especially at first or if you are sporadic like me. I can’t stress how important honesty is in this craft though. Word gets around if you claim someone else’s work, use substandard materials unless it is for your own collection (then yes, you can use the cardboard from yesterday’s pizza box to make plugs!) or you have an attitude. If you are honest and have the money, please join us in a fantastic, crazy money hole of a hobby!

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