Presley work in progress

What is she missing? I can’t figure it out! Don’t mind her wonky eyes, I just popped them in to see.


NOOO this baby is perfect don’t change it


I agree. She looks perfect.

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hair and eyebrows


Do you guys know what size eyes Presley needs? And a good place to get them?

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She is magnificent!!! I think the best Presley that I have seen. :blush:


I love her! I agree I think she only need her final lashes and hair if you are putting hair and she is done! I love this kit!


Aww thank you guys :heart:️ You are all so nice all the time I never can tell how to improve myself :joy::joy::joy:

The eyes look good too.

I was never crazy about her, but then i ordered her 2nds awhile back. So glad i did, because you changed my mind. She is beautiful-even without hair and eyebrows/lashes!

She has a gorgeous skin tone. I agree with the others. She needs only eyebrows, lashes and hair.

Skin tones look great and I love her lips. She could stay bald but I think she’d look more finished with eyebrows and lashes.

Thank you everyone! Yes I plan on rooting her, just wanted to make sure she was looking ok before I varnished and started on hair

Very cute. Love it!