Preorder Cammi

I got an invoice from irresistible today. I forgot I preordered her. I had to look her up to see who it was. Did anyone else order her?

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I didn’t but I hope to get her soon. :smiley:

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Ordered her and no invoice. I feel like I am getting the worst hand of the doll world today. My new Rebecca is terrible and everyone has an invoice from Cammi but me lol.

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Im sorry you’re feeling like that. You’re get the invoice soon.

Thank you it’s okay, just mad about this other kit. I think it’s just the timing of it all it’s really no one’s fault.

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I ordered her from Irresistables also and paid my invoice so just waiting for her to ship. I bought her because she has features like my son that ii lost. Hope it will make me happy not sad when I’m through.Looking forward to getting her.


I got my invoice too

Sorry for you loss. I myself have a child that has died. I hope the kit brings you some peace n happiness.


Thank you i appreciate your kind thoughts, hoping it will be one of my best creations.:innocent:


So sorry for your loss Sheila :heartpulse: From one mother to another my heart goes out to you :hugging: I will pray God brings you comfort & joy as you paint your Cammie :pray::blue_heart::pray:

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