Pre painted kits

Can anyone tell me what you do with these kits if already painted?

You just assemble and weight them…

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Yep just weight them and place on their body. I have bought a few for my kids they’re not bad.

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Ah OK won’t bother then… Hope BB offer some more baby sales I’ve been sat hear all day waiting to spend some dolly dollars lol

I put one together for my little cousin.I forgot to take an xmas pic of her.before i wrapped her up.She turned out cute. The hair omg what a mess! Look! @JillianJade she’s still in one piece, I can’t believe it.:sweat_smile:


Shes cute!


Maybe I will get a monkey just for cuddles :smile:

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It took me about two hours to comb that hair out. my aunt said to make her into a troll baby–that would of been easier!


Cute photos though

I got the pre-painted pug for my 7 year and she loves her.

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That is cute :slight_smile:

I gave my daughter the pre-painted pig for christmas and she carries her around everywhere she can except school she puts her in her backpack.


Aww @AnnDee how lovely