Pre-orders expected delivery in May

Anybody knows what kits are due to come out in May?
Couple of days ago I was looking for some kits to get and came across kit that is on pre-order with expected delivery in May. I was going to pay the deposit, and then got distracted and did not. At least I cannot find any signs of payment. And now, I cannot for the life of me think of what it was!!!



Lil Yawn?



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Not sure when they come out but a few preorders I hear about often…

Thanks, I think it could have been Lark, although I cannot see mention of coming in May. Oh dear. :slight_smile:

Marc and Mary by olga Auer
Little Eefje by Elly Knoops
Lilly Loo by marita winters
Emmelie and Leo by Ulrike Gall
Annalia by Angela Degner

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My little Yawn delivered yesterday so its out and pre ordered Aigail with the $10 Discount at Irresistables.

Sweet! Where did you preorder Lil Yawn from? I have paid mine off but havent heard shipping yet from Macphersons.

I ordered Lil Yawn at Irresistable, they ship faster. They ship free also.:heart_eyes:


Jenni I paid mine one day and it shipped next day and received it in 2 days.Its a darling sculpt you’ll love it. I also ordered Abigail pre order thee and got the $10. discount. waiting for April on 14 or 15th.

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ademas de macoherson, que otra pagina usan?


I do not use MacPhersons, I am in Australia and the shipping from Canada is too expensive. I buy from the sculptors directly, if possible, or just look for the best deals.

muchas gracias!!! voy a buscar entonces