Pre-order Fritzi by Karola Wegerich

I ordered mine!!
Fritzi is based off of her previous kit Fridolin however has new limbs that being 3/4 arms and long standing legs


I seen her and she is so gorgeous!

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I ordered her two she’s just adorable

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Yeah…She is lovely!!! :heart_eyes:
We got the announcement from Karola yesterday morning that she was open
She is available on our site and we offer free shipping within continental USA and Canada
clcik here to veiw Fritzi by Karola Wegerich
hUgs Brenda XOXOXO

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Brenda, is her edition open or limited by time? I’ve heard both.

I also thought it was open but when I asked Karola today she was very clear that it was open for only one week.
It closes on Sunday April 23rd.
The Limited Edition count will be tallied on Sunday.

Okay thank you Brenda!

you are most welcome…glad someone did ask or I would have assumed it was open.
Sometimes the language translation can cause the wording to read with different meaning.
hUgs Brenda XOXOXOX