Praise for forum advice

I had given in too my 4 year old grand daughters wanting a ashton drake Emily doll i’ve had for years. She did well at keeping her in a bassinet in her room, my last visit i find out one of her little friends decided to tatoo 80% of this poor babies face with blue ink!! I was upset with myself for allowing her to take it home. :blush:. Thankfully per advice here, i covered face in oxi cream, wrapped in saran wrap, and left in a cooler in my car for about 10 days. All thats left is slight “bruising” inside her nose, inner ears and tiny spot on one cheek and tip of nose! Am glad i saved her, and may need to keep her her till grand daughter gets a bit older…thankful for all the great advice given here. :wink:


Yeah, I am glad had I discovered the Oxi Cream thing as well. My daughter was notorious for inking her dolls. That lovely tip I had found while searching the internet, has been many a life saver for inked dolls. Who knew acne cream had so many uses. It’s a miracle ink remover on dolls! : )


That sounds like voodoo! Lol

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i Made sure to tellmy husband,“theres a doll wrapped in saran wrap in the cooler” since he drives car to his work and somone might sit in back seat where cooler was!1

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The best way to get OXY10 to work is to put it in the sun. You might even get the last bit out if you put it on the window sill. I personally have never used any wrap

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