Practicality or removable wig?

So my daughter can’t decide if she wants her doll to remain bald or have a wig, she likes the idea of both. What is the practicality of a wig being removable? Am I pretty well asking for it to fall off and be lost? or is there a way to add it in a secure but not permanent way? any thoughts?

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Could try to put magnets inside the head and the wig just like people do with hair bows ?


Thank you for the responses, I think I might just lightly root some newborn hair so you can still see the veins but have a little wisp amount of hair there.


@ksherwood8713 that is a great idea! I am going to try that sometime in the future!

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I had honestly thought about doing it for my nieces babies so they could choose but rooted them instead

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