Powders or paint first?

Hey all, I am going to try powders for the first time for my problem areas like creasing and veining. My question is are you supposed to do all your base layers of paint first and then powders at the end, or powders first and all the paint layers over them? I use air dry.

Thank you!!

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It’s better do do powders at the beginning, for staining the vinyl and seal it with all the layers of paint.

I do mine after painting and then varnish over top. Don’t know if one way is better or not🤷🏻‍♀️

I do mine in the middle :joy:, sandwich it between my paint layers.

So what I’m hearing is… any point during painting will work lol


yes you got it

As long as you seal it properly, yes.

Is there anything different to seal besides regular varnish?