Posting Fool

I have been posting a lot, avoiding the 8 million things I must do. It is too hot to bake babies and work and housework are being neglected…pile of laundry up to my knees, too hot to do that too.

So I went through my little baby cupboard, swore I would not be a baby clothes hoarder but…well you know how that goes. I decided I must go through it and take inventory, match up outfits, see what I have, what I need.

Is it just me or do girl clothes dominate? Holy I have like six girl outfits for every one boy outfit. I also have a lot of little sleeveless dresses and no full armed or bodied babies.

I have folded onesies a hundred times, it never gets old.

I made a list of things I need (that I don’t really need) and did some online shopping. I may have a problem. Kids don’t really need to go to college do they?

I need to start selling some babies!

I have been avoiding eBay, it scares me so many horror stories. I think I may need to jump into the murky waters…ugh.

I can’t wait for the sun to go down so I can paint me some babies, or do laundry, or paint babies…


I buy clothes that I think are cute when I see them because they may not have them when I go back. I’ve bought some outfits I loved and then had to find the right baby to put in them. Like my twins Wombmates outfits. It’s hard to find really cute boy clothes. Cute girl stuff is everywhere.
You could try I’ve had reasonably good luck there and there are no fees except monthly membership fee and PayPal fees. You can do it month to month, so if you sell a baby, and don’t have another one ready, you can just not renew your membership until you are ready.




My boy/girl clothes ratio is really strange. I’ve got more girls sleepers than I do boys, but in terms of complete outfits I’ve got waaaay more boys than girls, shoes too. I think it’s because I’m partial to making boy babies so I tend to shop for baby clothes based on that. I feel like I’ve almost got to force myself to buy girls stuff or just happen across a deal that’s too good to pass up.


I can’t ever find cute boy clothes!!! Why is that???

Haha. I have more baby clothes than I have for myself. But, for me I have more boy items than girl items (probably because I bond better with boy babies and find myself making more boys than girls). I know what you mean with the heat. It’s been hot here for weeks and I miss the rain! My mom and I are trying to escape the heat by going to the beach, but it’s supposed to be super hot there too!

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You’re not looking in the right places!! What do you find “cute”?

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I am way partial to girl clothes all the frilly darling things Boys are strips and tans browns baby blue is the only nice boy color and i love color…
.A lady on facebook made the cutest bow tie and jacket for her reborn and plaid shorts .jacket and tie were a pretty bright green same color in the shorts …So it is possible to make darling boy clothes!!.
. just had my sewing machine fixed if i can get ahead on babies to sell i want to try a cute smocked dress i found a pattern for.Hope i can manage to make one .Im no seamstress but know basics.I wont pay the huge prices for some of the upscale beautiful dresses you see but i love the frills and smocking

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I think its a matter of personal preference. I really dislike dark colors on babies and kids, I also don’t like decals, appliqué and silkscreening for babies, it feels like I am using my baby as advertisement. It seems that more people demand boy clothes that look like big boy/man clothes…Boys need soft clothes, pretty colors, layers that feel good, not scratchy.

Old Navy and gap occasionally have some cute stuff if you can get a good sale. I don’t have a Carters around here (that I know of)…

If I could design little boys clothes they would be dusty blues, light grey, cream, kiwi greens, I would even throw some pink in. I found the cutest little overalls in a very lightweight cotton, pale blue stripes with tiny elephants embodied all over it, I can’t wait to dress a baby in them but at the same time I know I will never find them again.

Babies should have more genderless clothing…There is a brand at Babies R Us called Koala that makes some really soft adorable clothing but its a little expensive.

I wish I could sew! Part of my job is textile design (home) but I would love to design fabric for babies and children. If anyone sews and wants to do a line I can design the fabric, we can do an all boys or neutral line.

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Girl sit in front of a fan and paint yourself some babies!!! :heart:


awesome advice, made me laugh! Think I might just take your advice today!