Possibly looking for someone that can sew

I am currently working on my memorial baby for the granddaughter that was stillborn. I lost my daughter, who was her mother in 2015 and I have some of her shirts I would like to be made into clothes for the baby. Either sleepers, dresses, onesies…whatever can be made. Anyone have any recommendations on anyone?


Can you send pics?

Sorry for your losses🙏🏻

pics of the clothes?

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Janie Lenox is your go to gal. She is a wonderful seamstress specializing in reborn outfits. Not only sews, but designs them… She would be perfect for your special, precious outfits… She is on Facebook or I can PM her info to you


A few people offered their services here. I like your idea!

Yes, sorry I should’ve said, to see material

Babes yes if you don’t mind…

Angel…I have my daughters clothes boxed up in the closet but I can get pics of some of the items tomorrow

Janie is very talented. You should contact her.

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I made this dress and cap from a blouse. I make doll clothes for my granddaughters’ American Girl dolls and Cabbage Patch kids also. I sell preemie NICU shirts for reborns, but I haven’t tried actually selling things I sew other than that. I would be willing to try if you can’t find someone else. I have patterns for onesies, dresses, footie pajamas, etc. from sewing for my family.


@pschomaker Now that is Sew cute!

@pschomaker are you in the us?

Yes, I live in rural Missouri.