Please tell me how this looks on your monitor **Updated** new camera pics!

My new camera was dropped and broken last year after only a few uses and the repair did not last, so for now I am going to have to use my old camera. It is about 15 or 16 years old and has been used frequently. I know that new cameras capture more, so I have been trying to get the best I can out of what I have. My old camera is still much better than my phone, but I know monitors differ. Is the photo clear on your monitor? Is it in the acceptable range for selling? Thank you so much!


She looks so sweet, and yes, she will sell :heart:


Thank you Karen!

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Thank you Simone! It is an oldie- a point and shoot Nikon Coolpix EP2600 that I think was around 300 back then. It has been great with no problems. You can bet I won’t be handing someone my camera and asking them to take a picture ever again. I will learn the timer and figure out some other way.

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I think the pictures of this little sweetheart looks great!

They look good. Very sharp.

Thank you Rainbow!

Thank you DeeDee! I appreciate you having a look for me.

looks awesome :wink:

Thank you Barbanna!

pretty baby, love her hair.

Great detail and color!!! Looks good on my iPhone!

Pattyabe, thank you! I am working on painting hair, still a long way to go but at least I see improvement.

Thank you Mommy2five! I suspect an iPhone is what many are using so it really helps to know it looks OK. Now I have to work on my template because it no longer works on eBay :persevere:

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I haven’t sold on eBay in forever. I have a couple babies I was going to list next week. I have old HTML templates. Are they going to work?

I know that things changed at eBay and of course Photobucket, so all I can tell you is try yours and see. I am attempting to make my own, we’ll see how that goes. I used to be able to, but that was sometime ago.

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There was such an amazing summer sale that I bought my new camera. It is a DSLR so harder to use than my old Nikon- and I actually like the color produced by the Nikon better as it seems more balanced and accurate. That might be something I need to adjust. BUT I love the details I can get. I feel my painting in pictures with my old camera and even the one that was dropped made the coloring look smoother with less depth than it really is. Lane is put away, so I snapped a few pictures of my keeper baby Londyn. I just thought I would share.


Your close ups seem lovely!

Thank you! I am looking forward to really figuring out how to use this camera. I see some shadows and lighter areas, but not as dramatic as my old camera in poor lighting.