Please show me your Crystal

A customer order Crystal but I havent done her before. Could you show me your Crystal and if you have a picture of how she looks with the recommended body or one of the other dolls that use the same body. Thank you!!!

I haven’t done Crystal but after looking at her limbs I personally would use a front loading unjointed body for this baby. The recommended one doesn’t look (to me) like it would fit very well. Dolls So Real has a 22 inch one that would work for $17.

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I made mine a boy



Adorable.did you use the recommended body

So cute. Thanks


Aww so cute .

Portrait #1

Portrait WIP #2

I used recommended body both times.


Both are beautiful

I love them. I actually showed my client your second one, so she could see how she can look darker. I hope you don’t mind. No a lot of people make ethnic dolls


Yes i did, but I think differant one would be fine too

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I know. Thanks @JillianJadee for making my job so easy :grinning:When The babies mommy saw this she said I don’t have to look at anymore babies that’s her.

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I haven’t painted crystal but in enjoying yours.

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I bet liked her but after I match @JillianJade to the baby I have to make. I’m seen her with different eyes

I’m rooting that Crystal with dark brown hair right now. I’ll get a progress pic in a bit.


yay! She is adorable