Please show me babies from India

I am working on my first Indian baby and want to get the skin tone right plus I need ideas for the hair. Do Indian babies wear a bindi? Not sure it that’s the correct word. The dot on their forehead?


Indians come in all skin tones ranging from light to very dark. I added a bindi to this one for fun, but in all the time I spent over there, I never actually saw a real baby with one. :smile:

This was only my second baby, so please excuse the lack of shading and detail.


I have done several and yes I gave them all bindi. This one was rooted with black alpaca, if I remember right.

This one has just shadow of black painted hair, which I was going to root over, but the doll was confiscated by my granddaughter, and I think being baldie is better for that purpose. She has gone bit shiny after few years of loving, but I have gone over her with the airdry matte varnish since the photo was taken


Awwww She’s beautiful. I also love her clothes.

I thought a red bindi signified a married woman. No?


From what I read online, it really varies what exactly it means and who wears it. Though most pictures I can find are all adult women. Their babies have either no bindi or a black one.

She is beautiful!