Please Ladies help!

Can you see my pictures on my E BAY listings template , I can not see it .:disappointed:

eBay item number:273321958149

Thank you

Norry Otte

Yes, I can see them

I can’t see them in the template

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Can’t see any in your template but I can see the ones under the main listing photo

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I can see your main listing photos and your template.

if I click the links in the template it takes me to another webpage and I can see them, but they don’t show up on the ebay listing itself

On mine they look the same as the picture specialmoments posted.

No, the pictures in the template are not showing for me, just a box with an X where the pictures should be.

This is what I am seeing as well on my ipad

I’m on a laptop and the photos in the template aren’t showing although all the text is there. Ebay has been making it hard on us lately!

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thank you Ladies