Please identify this doll

I found this doll kit on ebay. I’d rather not buy this knock off. I’d like to know the original sculpt.

Thanks so much,

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Thank you I literally just found it myself after days of searching! Thank you, thank you

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I recognized her right away, I just painted her. She’s super cute.


Beautiful! She looks just like my daughter when she was born.

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Oh wow! Your version is amazing! :heart_eyes:

Thank you. I’ve always loved the Linda Murray kits so I finally painted one. The vinyl is super soft, really nice.


she is so absolutely adorable eee. I love small cute beautiful sensational babies, And of course you did such a great job. :heart_eyes:

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I made Andi. I have to warn you that head is hard as a rock. Broken needles right and left.


Oh thank you for that tip. I ham just starting out. I have seen a heating element to solve? this problem. I definitely don’t have a thing I need yet.
Did you use one?

I should add she is beautiful!

I use a heated rice sock.

You’re kidding my kit had the softest vinyl I have ever felt!

The head???
My Linda Murray limbs were soft and head was awful

No the whole kit was the softest squishiest vinyl ever!

Meaning yes even the head was as soft as the limbs.

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Hmmm. Weird.

I wonder if it has something to do with older orders and newer orders. I just ordered mine a month ago. When did you get yours?

@Claire when did you buy your kit?

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Mine was Mikey not Andi.
But assumed all her older sculpts were the same. Now I am curious on other kits.

Yes makes you wonder for sure.

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Now I’m wondering where you order yours from? Would that make a difference? I got mine from MacPherson’s how about you?