PLEASE HELP! :) Anyone know how I can

get in contact with BB? I may or may not have messaged them about getting my asian sculpt into a kit. :flushed: I know, I’m crazy. But might as well start from the top? I guess? Lol anyways been a couple days and no response. I did email their customer service, not Nevin or Denise, so I’m assuming that’s why. Anybody know how I can get in touch with them?

Oh, and like if you want to see this little baby in kit form (this is an unbaked pic, she/he is baked now and has her other ear ;)) Just want to see if there’s any interest. Silicone is another possibility, but I’m still undecided.


Maybe @EmilyBB would know?


Others have tried to get BB to take an interest in their sculpts without any luck at all! Maybe Terri @unknownfemale would have some suggestions for you?

Maybe they only take well known artists sculpts? That’s too bad.


It is cute, I would love one !!! Good job !!! I hope the best for you !!!

He is too cute and would make a great kit. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you! I’m just going to keep on trying lol. A few silicone producers have expressed interest, but it is so expensive lol. I would prefer just to sell to BB.


Adorable Izzy!!! Good Luck, Never give up your dream !!! I would love to do one of these kits. He/She is one of the cutest Asian kits I have seen, honestly.

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You have such talent. Please keep at it. It seems that several of the artists began with Ashton Drake and then started with their kits. You should finish this baby and check with Ashton Drake. It could be a great start for you.

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Perhaps that could be an option, but I really dislike Ashton Drake. I’ve seen pics of their dolls and what goes inside them, not to mention the funky vinyl colors and what not. I would rather all the hard work I’ve put into my sculpt go into better hands. But if all else fails, I’ve been considering it. :wink:

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Ashton Drake is an option but since this is your first one you’ll want it to be the highest quality possible. This will be the one that puts your name out there as a sculptor. Work on the limbs and wait awhile.

I have enough clay left to make exactly one arm so that’s what I’m doing lol. Also am realizing that for me, limbs take soooo much longer than heads. But that’s ok, I gotta wait for new clay to come in anyways.

By the way, anyone have tips for sculpting nails?

Izzy, regarding nails, this works very well. take a toothpick----lay it at one side of the finger where you want your nail to start with the point of the toothpick pointing towards the knuckle. Understand so far? Now gently roll the toothpick towards the other side of the finger tip to where you want the nail to stop. Putting only slight pressure or you will make the nail too flat instead of having a slight rounded curve to it from side to side. This makes beautiful nails on clay from miniature on up. Let me know how it goes. If you have questions I’ll do the best to answer you. Good Luck.


Thanks so much! That’ll help a lot for sure. :slight_smile:

Let me know when you try it, I would like to know how it works out for you. Izzy, I should have said: When you first put the toothpick on the side of the finger where you want your nail to start you have to apply a little pressure in order to indent the nail on the starting side, Keep a little pressure as you roll across so it forms a nail and add a little extra pressure when you stop so it forms a nice ending to your nail on the opposite side. I mentioned pressure in the above post but maybe wasn’t clear enough. Good Luck.