Please check out my facebook page

I recently started a facebook page for Nana’sLittluns. Please look and give me ideas to promote my
babies. Thanks. … 299016672#

Very nice. I want to create a facebook page for my dolls but I lack the expertise.

I liked your page You are beautiful!!

Thanks for the compliment Katie.
The facebook page was really easy to open. Hope I start getting some private orders from there as I really don’t like using Ebay.

I “liked” your page. I have so,d 2 babies through my page and has a possible 3rd one in the works. Hope the page works well for you. Mary - my daughter set mine up for me and told me to upload pictures to it. My FB page info is in my “siggy” picture if anyone wants to see it…

Please help. I set up a Facebook page. I would like to change my name for "precious reborn baby "name. Setting say: add alternative name to timeline. Now shows my real name and that I would like to give for the Facebook page. I have my own page but I would like this for reborn baby friends and not for those of my friends who think reborns are ugly etc.
I sow some of the reborn artist Facebook page just with the nursery name etc. ( not showing they are last and first name). Thank you.