Planning North Georgia meetup 2021

My friend and I are planning another meetup in North Georgia the last weekend in February.
Last year we met at a deli, enjoyed lunch, socializing, and passing babies around. Then we went to Babyland General Hospital and played with all the Cabbies. After that we strolled through Helen and window shopped a bit.
Ideas and suggestions for this year are welcome. We will both be staying in the Helen/Cleveland area but are not opposed to going somewhere else nearby for the meetup. Private message me if you’re interested.


Chattanooga is just over the GA/TN line and it is a lovely place to meet up and visit.

Was it just two of you or more people came? I remember you mentioned Babyland Cabbage Patch Hospital as I never heard of it, but I didn’t know that even did happen during COVID.

It was a couple weeks after we went that all the shut downs and such started. Julie @hellbunny33 went also. Noel and I will go whether anyone else does or not.

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I enjoyed that day. It was lots of fun.