Placing armatures in body

i recently put an armature in a 20inch reborn baby as a test ,to see how i would go doing it .im using the armature wire,i noticd the arms were good but the legs kept sliding off down the wire seperating them from the body…does anyone know how to keep the llegs attached th the body maybe so it doesnt slip down.i eventually want to put one in my sitting down tibby but cant til i figure this out

You still should be attaching the body to the limbs the normal way with the zip ties. The armature will not hold the limbs on.

yes i have the legs made up and zip tied ,i have a hole going through the bodu and the leg where i threaded the wire but the legs r sliding down the wire and away from the body

the body has three quarter legs ,the top of the leg was detached to make hole to thread throudown into the leg,i then packed the leg and tied it off with a zip tie,looked good till i picked it up and the leg fell off the wire

Are your arm and leg armature wires connected to each other inside the body?I have never modified the jointed body to use armature.

yes the legs are just slipping off

I just don’t know,hopefully one of the other forum members can help you.Removing the joints has left nothing to hold the leg to the body.

I am not sure what you mean by slipping down. Are the leg wires going back up into the body when you reposition the doll? It that’s the case, the wires may not be long enough. The wire should reach about midway from calf to somewhere near the ankle, so that in moving the body the wire doesn’t slip out.