Pilar, Abigail or Nala

Which do you think is best match for my daughter?



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Pilar, with Nala a close second.

I think Abigail because the face seems longer, nose, but eyebrows throwing me off, if they could match your daughter’s then that’s my pick, not sure if that’s possible. Then Pilar 2nd.

She reminds me of a Linda Murray kit I think…

I was thinking Abigail, as the eyes were closer together like my daughters. Pilar’s eyes seem further apart. Shape of face and ears are more like Pilar, though.

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I think Abigail. I agree that the face shape and nose are the most similar.


Nala…your daughter is adorable!

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Abigail for sure

Abigail seems to have quite similar facial features.

Thanks ladies!

Abigail or pillar … if you could combine the two heads it would be a perfect match.

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yes, i agree!