Pig advice🐽

I want to start painting my pig🐷 she is for my mom for Easter🐰
Any tips or advice? Colors you used etc? Also… How long did you spend painting your pigs? How many layers /bakes? Thank you all so much!
Oh! @ABC1234 I remember you gave me good advice on this before… But I can’t find it!
OINK OINK YALL! :pig::pig_nose: I’m getting piggy wit it!


When I painted my piggy, I gave him about 8 layer to give his skin the depth, then I painted the hair which took awhile, the I rooted my little one, I liked him better before rooting him. his eye lashes are great, but could have done without the fine hair.


I am going to be reborning Fawn for my best friend for Mother’s Day, She doesn’t care much for the reborn babies (she says they are creepy) but she loves piggies, She raises Pigs, chickens, and Cattle on her farm.


I was working on two at the same time. I been using mostly crimosn on them …some yellow etc.
No rooting and finished in a day because they don’t need that many layers like baby’s …IMO