Pictures of my preemie Max!

I was one of the first to buy Max by Cindy Musgrove as a blank kit (it feels like so long ago!), but I ended up selling him. Now, I have my own finished one!

Today’s the last day of my first semester at college, so he came just in time to be my finals “study buddy!”


Very nice preemie skintone.

Aw he looks so snuggly!

Actually real premies aren’t very snuggly and neither is Max…at least mine sure isn’t.
You did a great job with him and I like his clothing too. It’s hard to find things to fit babies that tiny. I’m sure he’ll make a good, quiet little study buddy. Good luck on your finals!

Just to be clear, I didn’t paint him— he’s by a artist on Instagram!

He’s very cute.
Mine is still just wearing a diaper, I can’t find any cute affordable clothes for him.

@EnchantedOrphanage Can you sew? I have a pattern that fits 14/15 inch babies perfectly. It’s free to download, I can send you the link if you want it.

I can sew a bit, yes.
I couldn’t find any good patterns, so please!

I’m able to hand sew these, so they’re super simple to make.
This one requires an email sign up to get, but it’s free. I use the smallest size for babies Max’s size up to 16 inches.

And I use this doll diaper as a diaper cover to go with the shirt. Again fits up to 16 in

Here’s a pic of my Blessing (15 inches) in the shirt (sorry it’s a gross phone pic lol)


Awesome, thank you!

I’m not sure if the pattern says what fabric to use, I prefer a soft flannel. I’ve used just plain cotton for the shirt but it’s a bit scratchy :slight_smile:

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