Pictures of Elliott

Has anyone finished Elliott? Her eyes seem to be too big do they look better if reborn different. Or do you think I can make the eyes smaller? I finished Grant and he is a cutie. Can you post your pictures of Elliott Thank you

His eyes are too big. He looks scared!


Yours is really cute! Even with the big eyes lol. The Skin tone is perfect!

I just finished my Elliot, her name is Ellie Boo!, Here she is


If you can go up an eye size, I think she would lose the scared look. Or rotate the eyes up a tiny bit more in the socket so that there is less white showing on the top of the eye. Does that make sense? Just make her look upward a tiny bit more. When we are afraid, we open our eyes very wide and can show white at the top of the Iris. She is very close to that and that is wny she looks scared. :blush:


I totally agree.Thank you, I was having a lot of trouble getting them to set properly, the socket was off a bit and they wouldn’t stay, she kept looking like she was cross eyed, any ideas for a fix for that?

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Larger eyes would probable be the answer. Thanks

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Sometimes you can add a bit of stuffing with the eye to keep them tighter so they don’t move on you. You can also keep them firmly in place using moleskin on the back.

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Thanks, I will try that, I love the advise!! Thanks Helen

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At least one good thing about her look is that she wanted it to resemble Boo from Monsters Inc. so the look kinda works for that, I had to look at the pics of Boo to work with and her eyes show the whites quite a lot. But she is a character not a real baby. LOL

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In that case, maybe you don’t have to do anything. I’m not familiar with the character.

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Beautiful !

My Elliot and I am partial to ginger babies.



This sculpt looks like shrek, it would make a good shrek baby!


Thanks everyone for sharing your pictures I think you all did such a good job on your babies.

I love all of your Elliot’s I can’t wait to order and paint one.

That’s her!!!

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Not a bad idea maybe another character contest?

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