Photobucket issues

I know I have read on here of other people complaining about problems with Photobucket. I started having issues this week. Just want to know if anyone has these same kind of issues and if you have resolved them. I use Microsoft Photo manager for my photos. I go through the photos, crop any and rotate any that need to be rotated. Each one I compress and save it under a new name. I then upload them to PB. I have been doing it this was forever. Now, all the sudden, when I upload to PB, all those that I rotated went back to their original rotation. So, in PB, I edited and rotated them back, and then replaced the original. When I paste them here or on ebay, they bounce back to the wrong rotation. My sister was doind some research and found out that they did a major software change in Dec and it seems there are alot of people having problems. Just doesn’t seem to be many answers. So, if anyone has had the same problem and knows how to fix it, I would appreciate it greatly.


I dont have that problem either, my problem is i keep exceeding bandwidth and they make me pay for a pro account, when i know their lying about how much bandwidth im using just to get me to pay

The problem i have is now i cant get my pictures to show up on the forum. If they want to be looked at you have to hit the link.

I have had a few problems with the pics not retaining the rotation when posting, but they seem to fix themselves with time.
For some reason…“they” think I’m Latino. My commercials are in Spanish. Am I the only one that is seeing these or are they being played for everyone?

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the last few times I have used PB it has frozen up my computer and I had to shut down and restart.

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That’s EVERY time I do an Ebay auction. I’ve learned to just do the auction in “sections”(transferring about 10 pics at a time), save, and come back. I can’t tell you how many times I have been on the last pic to transfer into my template and lost everything.
I thought it was just my old computer. It takes about two hours for me to set up an auction. I limit my pics to about 25 because of this.