Photo hosting advice needed imgbb site users?

Hi friends can anyone tell me if imgbb site can be used with eBay compatibility, and is it good? I have only used eBay about 7or 8 times in my years of dolls but would like to try again…but it’s been years and it’s very different now. I used to use photobucket, and looked into imageshack but want to try something free to start before I commit to buying a subscription to host photos because I may not use eBay enough…

I have used photobucket and now Flickr which is free of charge.


I used photobucket before but found them too complicated and unorganized…and from what I read flicker don’t actually allow eBay hosting of photos, just intended for social media…I just don’t want to risk having my auction disrupted.
I signed up for a free imageshack, but it only gives me a thumbnail rite now on a sample auction…I think they require payment to do eBay hosting. I’m just not sure it’s compatible with my tablet. Only one that’s worked is imgbb but not sure if it’s allowed for eBay hosting.
Thank you for your input though!

I use flickr for my templates for Ebay and not an issue at all. You just set your permissions to public and click on the down load button. It will ask you what size picture and just right click and copy address. It’s really simple once you get the hang of it. It’s free of charge.

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I use imgbb and love them, easy to use, simple and fast, and works on eBay . Much better than photobucket with all their pop ups, and which is not free anymore, they started charging $500 minimum.

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Thank you ladies!
I will play around and see what is easiest for me to use since im on a tablet, not a laptop.