Pens and Markers

Has anyone ever used special pens and such for veining, maybe for creases? Anything like that on the reborns? I have been wondering about this, and I thought you guys would be the best ones to ask!

I tried a blue prisma pencil for veining on my Jaycee. At first it looked great. But it kept getting darker and darker. I couldn’t get it to fade. So she’s kinda going to be a boo boo baby. Here’s a picture. You can see the veins on her forehead.

On another note, I used a berry colored prisma pencil to make capillaries on Ethons cheeks. It turned out great and still looks perfect.


That is one of the things I was wondering about. If it would continue to darken. Also, I am sure you did, but did you have it already sealed before it became darker and darker?

No. I hadn’t sealed it. And I wasn’t finished painting. So I had to bake it several times after that…but before baking, I stripped the kit. Even the stripped kit continued to get darker. On Ethon, it was a last step and I sealed it right after. So the only baking was the 3 times for the varnish. So maybe that helped. And also maybe it helped that it was on top of a million layers of ghsp.

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I use the prisma pencils on capillaries, and nails. Occasionally on lips

Of course hair and eye brows

I use a light cerulean blue prisma premier marker for viens. I do it very lightly and immediately blend with paint thinner when needed


Would you be willing to let me know what colours do you use for nails? Its one area that Ive been working on lately. I use prisma for eyebrows, in the past Ive had serious problems with eyebrows, now they look ok, still need work but much better.

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tuscan red

there is also one that is like black raspberry or something but harder to find


Thank you :slight_smile:


NO WAY would I sell that as a boo-boo baby! She’s beautiful and sometimes scalp veins are very visible.


Her veins dont look bad at all!!! I have seen lots of babies that had very visible veins around the forehead and temple areas. Edited to add by babies I mean real babies as well as reborns :heart:️


Thank y’all! That helps. I started rooting her hair and as always, it’s thicker than I planned. Gonna take a lot of time. I don’t want to have to sell her cheap. :wink:


What you’ve done of her hair looks great.

What about the acrylic pens and fluid paints from Golden? @AnnieSokay?

I have never used acrylic pens. And I haven’t used Golden fluid paints I think that is @RebornsbyZebra who uses and loves them. But I hear awesome reviews about Golden. I went from Waterborne to Liquitex. I was going to try Golden next but have decided to try Ultimate Fusion instead.


How do you like the ultimate fusion? I mentioned you because of the Derwent pencils.

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I haven’t bought any yet I am waiting till they expand their line. I love my pencils though! I think blue is the wrong color for veins. I would use light blue or a greenish color. I haven’t done very many realistic babies lately.

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I like a light blue or a greenish blue. Ethnic babies or Olive Caucasian babies have greenish or purple veins. What are you working on right now?

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Christmas Challenge and a few Christmas babies. I am sworn to secrecy! :speak_no_evil: After Christmas I will be doing another Challenge and a couple of keepers, including the Wolf! Maybe we should start a Thread to see if anyone else wants to join us, to begin in late February early March.


I have read that it is more natural for some babies to have the greenish veins and others to have the blueish veins. I think it might depend on the complexion you are going for. Now, some of the really experienced folks can let us know if I am correct. But as far as I know that is how.


The pens are empty, you fill them with paint and airbrush medium. I have some but I don’t really use them very much. I still paint my veins with a tiny brush and I use Panpastels for most details, other than eyebrows and nails are so tiny that the pencils would be helpful.