Penelope by Alicia Toner - Need Body

So, I ordered a complete kit with body and COA. I also purchased a kit only from someone. I stupidly sold my complete kit and now that I want to work on the Penelope kit that I kept, I have no body. Does anyone know where I can get a body for her? Is there a generic one that would work well on her? As I recall, there was some controversy over whether her original body was a good fit. Something about side loading legs vs. front loading. I don’t see any BB bodies that will work and any place that had her is now sold out. Any suggestions?

I may have found it. Does this look like the right one? It’s 20 inches.

Or this one is a side leg.

Okay, so this is the one I ordered. I sure hope it’s correct.

While I was doing all this searching, I discovered Eirlys by Alicia Toner. So cute! She was on sale at Dream a Little Dream Nursery for $60, so I bought her!