Pencil drawn hair

I have looked at a lot of babies on reborns dot com lately and I noticed there are a LOT of pencil drawn hair babies. So many of them look just like that…pencil drawn hair. Not flowing, not realistic. I have seen a couple dolls I would not mind purchasing based on the skin tones but the hair ruined it for me. I would rather have them bald. It is only a rare few I ever see that the penciled hair looks realistic. Why are so many doing this now?


I think it might be easier for some people? I’ve never been able to keep the pencils hair thin sharp. When the hairs are too wide they don’t look realistic to me.


I’m guessing it’s easier too, and rarely done nicely.

I too, would rather have a bald baby than one with poorly done hair whether painted, drawn or rooted. Sometimes it is the hair that looks less realistic than the rest.

Although most artists want to try their hand at it rather than go without hair.


And drawing hair on with a pencil sounds like lots of fun to do!

I am a prisma hair artist… BUT mine has mutilpe layers and tinted varnish or paint washes in between.
My Tessa was all air dry and has prisma layers, tinted sealer, tinted varnish, then soft touch at the end


Wow! Beautiful!

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I am lost on all things hair painting. One day I will break down and buy the Christine Woolley book


I am not really good at painting hair, I prefer draw them as I have more control. But for darker hair paint gives better results.
My technic may not be the best out there as I don’t like tiny tiny hair individually but I think it’s not too bad.

Rooting is intimidating for newer artists. And costly, because you can’t sell your doll at high price to recoup the cost.

Drawing hair seem way easier for them, but they tend to do it fast, without any reference. They forgot that hair need to have color variations and depth.

*Edit to add that I am not sure how well a bald doll would sell. It may be more difficult.


I’m also mostly a Prismacolor hair painter I rarely root. With my black hair I add GHSP in some areas to add depth and dimensions. I paint hair because it is easier and quicker and I often have back & neck pain.


I LOVE your Manuela :heart:


This is a good point, Prisma can look so different when it’s on in layers and/or incorporating paint techniques as well!
I know your hair is nice in person and has some depth.
Some reborn heads are out there just looking like chicken scratch from a #2 pencil. :pencil2:


I could never get pencil to look right, so I only use it to kind of map out what I’m doing, but everything else is paint. I wish! There is so much more control with pencil.

I’m sure this was not what she was talking about with this post though. :sweat_smile:

Probably something like this:

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Yes. I agree. I just wanted to show that with a little more work primsa can look good. The many artist who only do a layer or maybe 2 should keep going :heart:


It definitely can look beautiful. There are a few artists who do such an amazing job with it.

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I’m not as good as the ladies above, but I enjoy doing Prisma hair. I have joint mobility issues so pencils and paint are easier on my hands than rooting is.
These are two I did with Prisma while experimenting on what style of hair I like.


It’s not very realistic, but I like the stylized look on some of them.

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@jlesser @specialmoments These are FABULOUS examples of prisma hair that looks brush painted and very realistic! Heck my brush painted hair is still not near this good! @oliviamarie your style is different from these ladies but still looks very nice and has good flow. You ladies are not what I am talking about.

Yes, I am referring to the stick straight lines of Prisma pencil with no depth and that is just penciled on. Sometimes it is obvious the whole baby is a novice baby and I get that. But there have been some I have seen that are really nicely painted and then the Prisma hair just ruined the doll IMO.
I have one baby I painted myself and gave Prisma hair way back when it first became the rage. It is my Sawyer Jameson. It is not perfect hair and I would never offer a baby for sale like this now. I even recently tried to paint over it but since he was done in Genesis and satin varnished the air dry would not stick well to his head. I did not want to go to all the time of priming him and painting it because I like the hair lines I got from the satin varnish so I just tried to softly bring his hair line forward some and blend his hair more. He looks ok but is not what I would do now days at all.

I have been more aware of this because there are a couple SOLE babies I would like to have and have even considered purchasing them already reborn. This has led me to looking more critically at other dolls I guess because as a buyer I would have very high expectations, just as I do of myself as an artist. I am totally convinced that a nicely painted bald baby will sell. Many like myself will buy it and either leave bald or have the head painted or rooted or do it themselves.


I think everyone has their own preferences and we should not try to insult people’s work.


That’s very good looking hair. Not all babies have full head of hair and prisma pencil give the best results for fine hair.

I prefer to root my most expensive or LE kits.

I understand what you mean by just some line of pencil here and there. I accept that in new artists because they are still learning and don’t sell at high price point, but experienced artist that paint very well should notbe doing simple straight one color basic hair, but make more efforts. It’s sad to ruin a perfect looking reborn with bad hair.


That’s not what she said. There’s no insult and it’s not preference,. It’s about take time and practice to achieve a good result.
It’s ok to not be good at something, we will get there if we practice and understand what we are doing wrong.
It’snot insulting someone to say that their paint/hair/rooting need more work to improve.