Pebbles limbs

I’m about to pay off my layaway for Pebbles. But I really don’t like her limbs. Besides not looking real, they don’t look like Down syndrome limbs to me. I really want to find limbs that have the classic DS features. Brooklyn’s feet look right. And since her fists are cleanched, I think they might blend. It won’t be obvious that the pinkies aren’t bent in and the creases will be hidden. They just seem like they would make a more realistic baby overall. But…how do customers feel about this? Do they expect original limbs, or are they usually fine with alternate limbs? I don’t want to decrease her value. PNG


Generally I prefer original limbs. There have been times I’ve switched the limbs on BB kits and it was fine, but on an LE kit I would keep the original. If your keeping the baby for yourself though, you should totally get which limbs you want! Her open hand looks pretty on par with the DS features to me.

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I wish the pinky was bent. I wonder if I could get the vinyl to fold over a little and put wire in it to make it stay. :thinking:

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She got the limbs right on Vince. But I like Pebbles face better. :heart: