PayPal categories? Update-I called them

Has anyone else seen the new categories for PayPal transactions on your PayPal account? This is something new and I don’t know how they’re determining the categories. My supplies that I ordered from Irresistables is listed as ‘shopping’ and the ones from Dolls So Real are listed as ‘entertainment’. Huh? If this is for tax purposes it sure isn’t accurate.


I don’t like their new format at all.

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Has anyone noticed that you get charged to send money now? I sent a friend $100, cost me $5 fee. Had I used a credit card, it would have been $8.

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I havent been on my account in awhile… hmmm…
Thanks for the heads up ladies.


You got charged even with friends and family service?

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It was definitely friends and family. I sent this same amount of money about a month prior with no charge. Or was it $.50? Can’t remember. They definitely changed it within the past few weeks. Now I have to figure out if that $5 I was charged was a flat fee or 5% of the 100 that I sent.

I figured it was just a matter of time before they started charging for Friends and Family. In a way I cannot blame them- it is a service, but that amount seems quite a bit of a fee to me. I use it to send birthday money, but have not had a birthday since December- guess I will rethink that!

I called PayPal this morning to find out what exactly these different categories are for. He said it’s a way for people to track where they’re spending their money. I told him that my doll making supplies were tagged ‘entertainment’ and ‘shopping’, neither of which is accurate. He said It’s new and needs some tweaking. He also said if enough people complain, they’ll do something about it. When you go to the ‘contact us’ click on call and it displays the number, 888-221-1161, and a one time use password.