Paper glass on eyes?

ok Newbie… questions about everything…Bought paper glaze for lips .now wonder can it be use for shining eyes ?.Just wonder why i dont hear it use for eyes only clear coat for eyes.

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I don’t glaze the eyes anymore. They go flat and dull over time.

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Paper glaze will eventually make the eyes cloudy. Ceramcoat works well to coat the eyes without getting cloudy. I’m on my phone and don’t have access to the tutorial link but you can find it on here when you search for ceramcoat.

I use Ceremacoat, too.

Debbie Henshaw has a great tutorial that I’ve used many times and really like it.


This is just what I have personally found with glazes - I’ve been collecting reborns for 9 years now (reborning for 7) Most glazes go cloudy over time when applied to the eyes…I would say that if you are wanting to try it, make sure that you do an extremely thin coat - I know for a fact that when applied with any amount of thickness they go cloudy - have had to replace eyes in many of the dolls that I bought back in 2007- 2011 done by various artist…I do know that there were several different kinds of glazes used because I know the artist and have asked and also the mediums breakdown differently - some just go cloudy some go gooey and cloudy…I would not recommend using a glaze over the eye…you can give your baby a ‘wet look’ just by going around the inside edge - rim- of the eye. Another thing I have found is that glazes are very very durable when applied over matte and/or satin varnish when used for lips, nails etc but may tend to go off - get sticky - after a few years if applied over painted surfaces that have not been sealed by varnish…this may be due to the ingredients in the paints and vinyls reacting to those in the glazes??? (and as mentioned above, this has just been my experience over 9 years of dealing with reborns )


Thank you all and.starr i have read you mentioned that before. about cloudy eyes but i will keep the sticky part in mind too and varnish after?..such a shame the cloudy eyes as it looks so real and so fantastic when dried in the beginning.
Maybe they need to make eyes that are already shiney but Maybe they do.!.. are glass eyes that shiney? ive only seen antique german dolls have antique glass eyes never modern dolls.

ENC i watched the tutorial.I had seen someone elses also.

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I love the newborns with glazed eyes, but I have quit doing it. Starr is not the only one who reports that the glazes go bad over time. The dolls look fine without it. Yes, it is a bit of a loss, but I think it is safer in the long run. That said, I still might use Ceramcoat for a preemie or really little newborn. They just need the watery look.


yes wispy they look good! Thanks.

ok idea…
someone needs to make a glass contact to fit over the eyeball for shine.

Actually, if you buy quality eyes, they are already shiney. The gloss is really just to give them a wet look, as though they were watery or teary. You can just put a bit of gloss around the eye and not over it too. It gives some of the effect without so much risk of the clouding or yellowing that can occur. I think Starr does this on some of hers. I have been thinking about trying it.


Who would you recommend that has quality eyes?

Do the glosses go cloudy over both plastic and glass eyes?

Sorry, I did not make that very clear…the varnish goes on before the glaze…not after,just that some ladies do not use a varnish to seal their painting so if the glaze is applied to a painted surface without it having been sealed with the varnish, I have seen the lips go gooey and sticky for some reason? not sure if there is a reaction between the paint and the glaze, etc…

Eyeco or glass eyes are both shiny enough they really don’t need to be glazed :smile:


Thanks now it is!

The positive thing is that if you will look at most pictures of healthy babies, they do not have really ‘watery’ eyes - usually only if they are crying or sick…I think the ladies used glazes more back in the day when the quality of the eyes was not as nice as many are today. Eyeco and German Glass eyes and even some of the cheaper ones (though they tend to look more fake as far as the colour, etc) have made a difference as they are already quite shiny and give your baby a nice natural healthy shiny eye look…Still, it is the prerogative of the reborner if they want to use glazes or not…I just don’t recommend it personally… :smile: Here are a couple examples of how you can achieve the wet look without coating the eye…The eyes in these babies are all eyeco

The first one is just glazed around the inner rim of the eye and in the corners , the second one has glaze on inner rim, at the very edge of the outer lower rim and eyelid just to the crease…(I’ve posted these before but instead of trying to find the links here they are again :smile:)

The little boy has more glaze around the upper lid and a little below the outer lower rim toward the nose and the corners that makes him look like he has just settled down from a bit of a cry so that sort of lets you see what you can do…


Off topic but…I love your rooting lol! I’m rooting my first baby atm and rooted my finger instead! :flushed:

Ouch, Izzy! :weary:

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Double Ouch! I have done this too…it hurts like the dickens!..worse than any regular needle!..Hope it don’t happen to you again… :anguished: (haviing said that, I’ll love to see when you are done :smile:)

Not sure if you were talking to me about the hair rooting…if so thanks…if it was meant for Anita who posted the other pic here- I agree…her baby is cute as a button…I love Bonnie Browns Buttercup (pictured) Daisy and Poppy… :smile:


Well it was meant for you but Anita’s rooting is super too lol! Luckily I only pricked my finger…didn’t go all the way. :sweat_smile: I would post pics but I need to wait for natural light. My lamp makes it look all pluggy.

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