Painted for first time in over eight months!

I finally was able to get back to painting! And I even sat up to do it for the first time ever! I love that I had this surgery. I started years ago (can’t remember exact year but before 2008) and have always had to lie on my bed to paint. I bought a little table to set up while I was painting and am in love with it. I do need to get better lighting so going to figure that out. Not happy with coloring with small ott light or photography lights. I prefer to paint them so they look right in house lights. That is where most of us play with our babies. So just happy to be back with everyone!


Yea! Welcome back! What kit are you working on?

Started two actually, a Bonnie brown one for a friend who has been so patiently waiting and kase awake, either for me or to sell. Depends on how in love I get! Using the instructions from Lara on Beyond Basics. Or most of her steps! Trying to break out of the flesh coat, mottles, , veins, creases, done routine by adding more layers. At least practicing on kase. Hard to get back in the swing of things.


Welcome back… I was off for about 2 or 3 months myself and just getting back into painting.

Good to see you!

Hi ladies! Welcome back, both of you. We’ve missed you around here.

Welcome back to the painting world and I am so happy to hear you are doing better after your surgery.

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Welcome back! glad that you are doing better and are able to get back with your reborning… :smile:

Nice to see you too Mandy! :smile: