Painted Eyelashes...?

Can someone give me some tips on painting eyelashes on a closed eyed baby?
Thank You

I’ve never heard of painted lashes on a sleeping baby…
I have painted lower lashes on open eyed babies though…
hopefully someone will come along soon with some tips for you!!!

Tiffany…I mixed brow blonde with a touch of brow brown and thinning medium, applied with a nail art brush I bought on EBay to get this effect for eyebrows and eyelashes on Meg kit.


They are very easy to root. I wouldn’t paint them. I have painted lower lashes on occasion though. I just use Prisma pencil or a brush with only two or three hairs left in it.

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I painted lashes on Meg and Elsie due to the fact they were going to my granddaughters ages of 9 and almost 5. The best for them, because these babies go through “multiple” outfit changes per day :slight_smile: Tried the Prisma pencil for the eyebrows, but just couldn’t get the hang of it and after almost ruining Meg from wiping off the eyebrows so many times, I switched to paint and found that much easier…I still think of eyebrows as GGRRRRRR!


Mimi I feel for you…Im just on my 4th doll .When i get to eyelashes my head starts to hurt. lol
I guess i have to cut up a paint brush to get good sharp hairs Prisma works great if they draw which so far dont want to draw sharp and clearly on my dolls .Only a hair here and there…

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Roxanne…the nail brushes I got on Ebay were really cheap. They came from China free shipping, but took weeks to get here. I’ll see if I can find them again.

Here you go…

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Thank you im excited these look perfect!


Wow! That’s looks great @mimi

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I was just about to ask this question because I’m making a doll for my daughter with special needs. She will pull out the rooted lashes.