Paint Wearing Off

I am a collector of reborn dolls. I have a couple that seem to have their paint on their nose wear off. I would like to fix this, but don’t know how. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Maybe add a thin coat of matte varnish, use heat gun carefully, then paint over it, if you can match color, you can always add a little pink to it, then re-varnish to protect

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Is matte varnish like a paint? do you know where I can get it and the heat gun?

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Varnish and heat gun dolls by Sandie, also you may even get a heat gun cheaper at a craft store. and varnish, about anywhere you buy geneisis paints. Its a sealer and protects paint, but also will make paint stick to doll better

should i get a paint that is closest to her skin tone paint over it and then use that?

If the paint will stick yes, if not use that first, then paint, then varnish again

ok thank you!

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paint should not be coming off. My granddaughter has several reborn dolls that I gave her years ago she plays with them, changes their clothes and they are all fine except that some get bit shiny by so much handling, and I had to go over them with matte varnish (air dry).
You should 1st contact whoever made that doll. “Patching up” is not easy and the heat gun will most likely burn the doll’s hair and eyelashes.