Paint stripping question

I use air dry with sealer. What’s the best remover that doesn’t destroy the vinyl? The last time i stripped one i used acetone. Really bad idea, took off the paint but destroyed the kit. Thank you

Hmm, I’ve always just used Nail Polish Remover with 100% acetone. The kit was a bit shiny but worked fine for me.

Yes, mine got really shiny. However i stripped a lovelyn and the face spilt in many places. I have never seen a kit do that before. I thought it was the different vinyl. And now with a lot of kits being made with different types. I don’t want to ruin an expensive kit again. Is stuff like mona lisa good?

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I don’t believe that Mona Lisa will remove your paint. I use Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner with GHSP but I do not know how well it works with air dry paints.

Some people have had success with Windsor and Newton. You could also try alcohol, though I suspect it can also be harsh on vinyl.
Ive only ever gotten nail polish remover to work properly, unfortunately.

I use air dry and Winsor and Newton brush cleaner and restorer is amazing for stripping!

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Windsor Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer. Pour a little in a bowl, grab a paint brush and work it into your parts. Remove goop with a baby wipe or paper towel and keep going. Your parts will be stripped and brushes will be clean.

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I agree with the Windsor & Newton as well. I just stripped and air dry kit with it 2 days ago. Worked like a charm.


99% isopropyl alcohol. It’s inexpensive and work very well. You can let it sit on vinyl for a few minutes then all paint came off with a bit of scrubbing.

I use pure acetone when it’s an old doll, paint long ago and alcohol is not enough. Use it with a lot of care. If you don’t let it sit on the vinyl it’s ok. Be careful with creases.

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I use air dry and I use Winsor and Newton Brush Cleaner and Restorer. It easily removes the paint without any damage to the vinyl. I apply it, let it sit a minute and wipe it off with a paper towel. I use a toothbrush for small areas-ears, creases, between fingers and toes. It’s a bit oily so you have to wash it really well with hot water and Dawn when you’re finished stripping. I don’t normally use acetone for stripping because it does affect the vinyl. I use it to melt and smooth the edges when I open the eyes of a closed eyed doll. I did use it once when I re-did a doll for someone. I don’t know what kind of paint and sealer were used but it was very thick. Acetone was the only thing that would take it off and it took a lot of elbow grease.

Yes acetone do the job when anything else work ! Sometimes it is worth to risk damaging a kit if the only other option is to throw it away.

Acetone can damage the vinyl and make it rough. Not saying it did that to yours, but it did to one of mine and to others. 91% alcohol is good, as well as Winsor and Newton brush cleaner.

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Thank you,i dont want to lose another kit. I dont always need to strip but i like knowing i can.

Acetone destroyed my lovelyn kit. Id never had that happen before. It started ripping at the mouth and eyes. I watched it rip. It was mesmerizing and upsetting at the same time .

I believe it. I didn’t know better the time I used it. Thankfully, it did not completely destroy mine as it did yours. It doesn’t take much experience like ours until you just leave it alone. :slight_smile:

I got the winsor and newton, havent tried it yet,but i like knowing i can strip if need be. It takes pressure of me knowing if i mess up i can start over. Kwim?