Paint isn't sticking on feet and hands

So I have searched the forums but I haven’t been able to find how to apply varnish when your paint is not sticking. I have matte varnish and thinking medium thats it… I wish I had satin… I use genesis heat set paints. I need a what would you do and how would you do it person… my legs and arms are mottled and might I say I like them but the hands and feet aren’t takin paint.

I use air dry but I’m pretty sure you can use matte varnish for that, bake and proceed as usual.

Mix matte varnish mix well with some thinner. Keep your varnish light and even. Bake 1-2 times and paint. You don’t want the varnish to be thick where paint may pool

So I washed it with Ajax degreaser dish soap and wiped it down with alcohol twice. So I am thinking what I did wrong was when I put on the 3rd skin layer I didn’t like it, it was too much. So I rubbed it off with thinner before baking thinking that was the reset to the last layer baked. Can you put too much thinner on a doll? Several times I made washes too Light so they didn’t show. Can I just put the varnish on the parts the paint is not sticking. I am also thinking about just leaving it, while it doesn’t look I don’t want to poke the hive. Haha I did notice there this doll came with the beginner kit and it doesn’t have as many features as other kits I have viewed (on the internet).