Paint and Sip!

Hi ladies, I posted about this a long while back but I’m gonna try again… have u guys heard of a paint and sip? Where you paint a canvas and sip whatever beverage of your choice (i.e Wine, Margaritas, Beer, Tea or Coffee)? So I really think that would be fun to do a reborn paint and sip… we can meet forum members or other reborn artists can join also… we can even open it up to the public? I am in the NY area but any of the surrounding Cities and States would you guys be interested?


I’d be down but I’m in North Carolina:(

AND if it wasn’t a good kit. Lol

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@Nikkiroc come paint and sip wiff me!!! Lmao


They do lots of these in N.C. around where I am.My daughter goes a lot.They even have them for the younger generation where they have soda instead of wine.My grand daughter and her friends did this one year right before Christmas and had a great time.Of course they paint on canvas at the local ones here.

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I WOULD LOVE TOO!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome???

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Is this how alternative babies started?


Lol right? Yeah it would have to be something you don’t mind errors on… but I think it would be a good time… I’m not on any other groups but there’s not much interest here I dont think but one day I will join another group and toss that idea I would love to host it… I love planning party’s (it’s an excuse to)…lol

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Lol :joy::joy: quite possible!!


Heck yeah it would!

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I live an ocean away and don’t drink alcohol, but if you do this, please show the results, it sounds like a lot of fun!

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I’ve gone once with a group of coworkers and once with family and had a blast both times! Where in NC are you located? We might be neighbors!

I am in the foothills,a tiny place called Mooresboro.

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That’s not so far! Maybe one day we can do some kind of meet up in the area!