Packages BB has received for 2016 ROSE Show

Hi Everyone! As you may know already, we are receiving and storing packages for the 2016 ROSE International Doll Show.

We are going to keep a log, here on the forum, of everything that we’ve received. If you’ve mailed us a package for the 2016 ROSE show, you can check here to see if we’ve received it or not.

Remember that if you are going to be mailing packages to Bountiful Baby for the 2016 ROSE Show, BE SURE that your package is clearly marked in some way or another that it is for the ROSE International Doll Show. We get return packages and we don’t want to mistake your ROSE package for a return package.


10 Roll-up Banners. From Sarah Mellman

8 boxes of Buggies. From Sarah Mellman.

ROSE Calendars. From Sarah Mellman.

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1 package from Kym M George, Whispering Lullaby’s Nursery.

I package from Karola Wegerich.

I package from P. Donnelly. Donation for ROSE Show.


Received 18 items/boxes for MacPerson Crafts.

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1 package. ROSE Show give-a-way from Karola Wegerich.

• ROSE Souvenir shirts.
• 2 boxes Tumblers
• Rosie COA 2015 souvenir
• ROSE lanyards and ID bracelets
• Box of roses
• 3 Boxes of unknown contents - Anna Mellman
• 1 box dolly hospital items
• Rose pens
• 1 box decorations
• 4 boxes unknown contents.

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Lara Lee Eagles - ROSE donations


1 package - from Lawson Archer.

1 Package to Letha Mellman.

1 package to Letha Mellman.

Received 1 small package for Sarah Mellman.

Received 6 boxes for Letha Mellman.

Received 4 boxes for Letha Melman

One box from Janie Lenox, Cleveland, TX