Pacifiers in Easter Eggs!

I was packing a box for the triplets yesterday, and realized all Honeybug pacifiers fit inside Easter Eggs. So FUN! The sweetheart style must have cap and base in separately, but then they fit nicely.
If you have an older egg hunter, this would be a great surprise :slight_smile: :rabbit2:

Here is the box I packed:

Inside the eggs are Honeybug pacifiers & Pearlybugs bracelets.


I did this too! But Oh my gosh-- you have the whole package looking amazing! Love your design skills!


How fun would an Egg Hunt full of these be at ROSE?
Maybe I can arrange it if I go next year.

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They also fit in the little plastic hearts from valentines day. I got some Dora candies that were in a plastic wrapper, so the candies never actually touch the plastic.


and thanks for the compliment. I love packing baby boxes.

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Thanks for the awesome idea!!! Very nice packing!

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The new mommy is going to be ecstatic!!!