Pacifier for Eloisa?

Have you done one with this? Does the regular pacifier then work?

I would think it would not due to the width of the mouth between the magnet and pacifier?

Yes, I have one…its the only way I can manage :wink:

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Ooh, I need one of those as well!

I have not tried that yet. Just remembered seeing it and thought I’d share

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I need one thanks for sharing. @sweetiepieapril

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$49 on Amazon for me here in Canada! Ulp!

You can get that kind from for like 7$ plus 10$ shipping. I got one for my Blessing sculpt. Much cheaper than amazon and they have cute small clothes too

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Thank you! I ordered the wee soothie and the wee thumbie to try on Eloisa.

Good luck! They’re really cute and small, I got the purple kind a few years ago but they don’t seem to have them anymore, only the clear ones.

Will check it out! Thanks!

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Success! I modified a newborn size Tommee Tippee to fit her. It is very secure. I am still waiting for my preemie pacis to arrive.


I’m waiting for my preemie ones to arrive, too. Can’t put her/him together, as I MIGHT need to add a magnet

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Got my preemie pacis and neither works. Both are too long. I will be looking for other solutions :sweat::unamused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Cr*p…that’s disappointing! I spent a bunch of $$ ordering pacis

So close, and yet so far… :worried:

I thought I found the exact pacifier from the prototype pictures, but it didn’t fit. I had to alter it significantly.

The ones in the prototype pic look a few millimeters smaller, but I can’t imagine it would have that much of a difference… sigh.

Thankfully, the full version fits my cloth pacifier doll perfectly!


Yeah…I’m disappointed that none of these fit her :frowning:


Oh my gosh, that cloth doll!! Adorable <3

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I was so disappointed too. @Mommarobin. Had I known she wouldn’t take a full paci, I wouldn’t have ordered this kit.

Nonetheless she turned out pretty cute with her magnetic paci.


I wouldn’t have bought her either…she’s still sitting in a bin in my craft room. Hope she sells soon!


I really feel mislead by the prototype pics. It specifically shows her taking a full pacifier. If it hasn’t I wouldn’t have purchased her. Very very misleading.