Overstuffed potato body. Lol!

So I got this kit from a family member. Its a cheap knockoff. (I told her about those after she sent me this to make for her mom so. She won’t do that again)
But this body. I can’t stop laughing. Its huge.
The kit didn’t come with a body obviously so I had to order and just take a guess

Help me. Lol.
She looks like an overstuffed potato.

What body should I use.

I can’t stop laughing. Poor thing. Lol!


I hate that it is a knock off… :frowning: looks like maybe a copy of Luca Knopps?

If it is a 20 inch doll I would use a realborn body.


Yep I think it is Luca.

Thanks. This body is just not working.

But this sculpt has been a headache since I got it. Weird vinyl. Paint wouldn’t stick. Then it was actually absorbing the paint and I had to re blush her. Then the head was too soft and the hair wouldn’t stay in so I had to seal as I went. Put the eyes in and her eye sockets are different sizes.

I hate this doll. Lol!
But I promised I would make it. So. Meh.