Overstock Items (And Kits) At BB!

Hi Everyone!

I just set our website to put on sale the items that we have more than 150 days of stock on. It looks like that includes 19 different kits, all of which are currently 50% off.

Realborn Thomas Awake is one of the 19 on sale, because we just barely put a shipment of them on our website tonight, and with this new shipment, we now have over 150 days of stock on Realborn Thomas Awake.

The computer is also keeping on sale our three remaining DISCONTINUED kits (Cooper, Biracial Brea, and Taite), at 65% off. A month ago that was 6 kits instead of 3, but we have now completely run out of stock on Puddin, Jaden, and Hannah, and won’t be reordering them. Of the 3 remaining, we are almost out of stock on Biracial Brea, but we still have quite a few of Taite and Cooper.

In addition, there are (as of right now) exactly 70 other items that we have more than 150 days of stock, and have therefore been discounted. Once the stock drops on them, they will come off sale.

Check all of this out on our home page for the kits, and by clicking the “Special Deals” link at the top to see the other items.

Thanks so much, everyone!

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby