Oven temperature

Good afternoon everyone. I posted a few days ago asking for oven advice. I’m in the uk and I camt get hold of a nuwave oven, but I found this on ebay for £30, it was a bargain so I snapped it up and it arrived today. But I’m very confused about the temperature, can anyone help me out please on what temperature I need to set this at to bake my babies
Thankyou :grin:

People usually do 265F, if I remember correctly. That’s about 130°C.

Thank you, and I think i read somewhere to bake for 8 mins at a time? Does that sound about right?
Also, the oven comes with a metal grid type thing for the bottom. Am I ok to just put a towel directly down on the glass bottom? I’m thinking the metal grid might leave indentations.
Sorry about all the questions, I’m completely new to this. My first kit has arrived, little willow flower :grin: shes lovely, I cant wait to get started. I’m just waiting for my paints now and all the other bits and pieces from BB

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Yep, you can put a towel on the bottom of the glass bowl. And 8 mins is perfect! You don’t need to preheat the oven or anything, just pop your pieces in and set it to 8 mins. Make sure the pieces aren’t touching each other or the oven though, they can melt

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Thanks guys :grin:

Use an oven thermometer and watch that oven closely! I found those type of ovens to be really inconsistent in their temperature.


I read that too, thanks for the reminder. I have one somewhere, so i will have a play about while I’m waiting for my supplies to arrive

It looks like your oven only goes up to 250 so you may need to do 10-12 minutes

Haha, I didn’t even notice the huge °C! I’m on Fahrenheit autopilot, ignore me!

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Thanks ladies :blush: I’ve had a play about with it and it seems to be holding the correct temperature, with the thermostat inside. But I will keep an eye on it. And i will be watching it constantly when i have a kit in there.