Other manufacturers

I think the babies that BB has listed recently are just so cute, and as soon as I get caught up with my stash, I’m going to order. I’ve decided I’m done with ordering from other manufacturers for the simple reason that they’re so much more expensive, BB has a great offering, and when you order, you get information on what size plugs and neck rings to use. With other companies, you never know what sizes you’ll need, and I recently found I needed a 78 mm ring, and I didn’t have one for the baby I got elsewhere. So no neck ring. I’m sticking with BB to make my life easier! You can’t beat the selection and cost, and no I didn’t get paid for this “commercial.”

Price has been my main motivator but now it seems like I’m disappointed anytime I order from another company whether their kits are on sale or expensive. Like the soft line kit I splurged on, painted and had almost finished only for the paint to disappear. I don’t have a lot of experience with other companies, only a few kits but I’m about done with even getting tempted to look elsewhere. At least with BB, I get consistent quality, vinyl that is always going to stay painted and enough selection to keep me busy for a while longer. I just wish they had more selection in the 21" range and more full limbs. On the other hand, to be able to know what I’m getting makes me willing to order from BB everytime!

Yup…it’s tempting to look at all the other cute sculpts, but I’ve decided there are so many ways to “customize” the babies, you’re only limited by your imagination. For example, in the Gallery, I love seeing how different artists have brought the same kit to life. But I understand about getting a good price point, too, when you sell. I’m going to stay busy with the latest bunch when they become available and I’ll know what to order for body & components because they tell you what you’ll need.

Yes, those other details are something other companies don’t list at all, not to mention I haven’t seen them sell the end caps. And after trying other things when I was out of end caps, I definitely am going to keep a few extra in stock. On the other hand, I have two boxes from BB that have been sitting here unopened for two weeks. I know it is just boring stuff like stuffing and end caps and have been too lazy to open them. Now if they had kits inside…