Opinions please. Final skin tone

So…I just finished joseph asleep and Darren awake. And I just used matte varnish to finish rather than any satin or glaze.

Do they look realistic skin tone wise? What I mean is there is no sheen to them.

I’m wondering if the skin looks too. Dry. And I should go over them with something. I usually finish with glazing gel. But this time I thought they were too shiny. So I just used matte.

Thoughts? These are indoor cell phone picture so the detail is lost. But I have to charge my camera.


I think they look very good :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think they look great. Babies so have dry skin anyway.

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Not shiny, so that’s good. How do they feel?

Slight roughness. But that’s normal for heat set paint.

look great to me

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It is so hard to tell with the lighting could look fine to us but camera could correct color :woman_shrugging:t2: